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Backlinks are the lifeblood of your online business. Without them you will not achieve the success that you desire. Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand the power of backlinks and how they can benefit your business in major ways. I hope to provide you with an explanation of what backlinks are and how they can benefit your website.

A backlink is basically a link on another website pointing back to your own. They are very powerful and important to your website. They can be one of the most important factors determining where you rank in Google. You see Google wants to give its users the best experience possible by giving them relevant results.

So what exactly is a backlink? It's a link from another site to yours. For example if I have a website about dog training then I want to link to that same site about dog training videos. That's two links pointing to my site. One more thing... each backlink only counts once.

So how do you get lots of backlinks? Well it's pretty simple really. There are basically two options that you have. Either create your own content, or buy targeted traffic.

The first option is probably the best. When creating your own content you can choose which domain name you want your backlinks to be under. Then you create relevant content based around that domain name. Each article or video that you create will be linked back to the site that created them. So it won't take long before your backlinking total will build up.

Another good option for getting traffic is buying traffic. There are a couple different ways that this works. First you may want to create a blog on a topic related to your niche. Then you'll purchase traffic from various websites and then post your own site links on these sites in order to create a viral spread of traffic.

Now of course the only problem with this option is that you're not getting any backlinks from the domain name itself. That means you're not gaining any SEO benefit from the backlinks. So what you want to do is purchase one way backlinks from sites with high PR. The reasoning behind this is because they'll have high page rank, which will increase your search engine rankings. That in turn will create more backlinks for your own domain name.

These two methods are very easy to do. They require no knowledge of SEO, but just a little time spent building relevant content based around the domain name. With a little bit of practice you'll be able to create backlinks without spending a penny. So start practicing today and build up some very strong domain name backlinks.

I'll assume from here on out that you already have some sort of content on your pages. If you don't then it's definitely time to write some. Make sure the content is quality and unique. Once you have your content it's time to move onto buying your domain names. There are several different places you can go.

Some of the best are GoDaddy and Namecheap. These guys are well respected and have been around for years. They will offer you some of the highest rates for your backlinks plus they'll keep them coming from their own sites, which will cause them to receive a lot more backlinks in the process.

You'll also want to join several forums so you can network. This is where people will come to you in droves asking about their problems. Networking is how you build relationships and trust.

The last step is pretty easy. You simply pay the one time fee for the tool and follow the instructions. It will send you hundreds of domain name backlinks to your site automatically. So the steps are pretty easy and very effective.