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Search engines can give or take a lot of weight, depending on how relevant your site is, and how many backlinks you have. It may not be all that attractive to sit down and try to calculate how many backlinks you need to get on a particular page, but if you're intent is solely to drive highly targeted traffic to a specific page, then this is something you should consider. The best way to do this is to research which particular keywords will bring you the most targeted traffic, then implement those keywords throughout your entire web page content. For example, if you're selling menswear, try to incorporate menswear-related keywords throughout your content on your home page and the about page.

It's a good idea to research the most popular keyword phrases for your niche. Then write as many articles as you can around these terms, using the same keyword phrases as you are doing on your pages. This will result in an enormous amount of domain name backlinks, as people will click on the article to find out more. When you write your articles, remember to put a resource box on each one, pointing readers back to your pages.

In addition to writing articles, you'll also want to participate in forums and discussions on the subject. Take a look at other people's blogs and websites, and see what topics they are talking about. Most people will engage in link exchanges with other webmasters, so if there are topics around which people are passionate about, you should definitely include their links on your own webpages and pages. Not only will this help to boost your ranking on the search engines, it will also help to get you plenty of backlinks pointing back to your website.

If you are building a brand, try to create a web page that is very similar to the one that the brand is named for. You should aim to be as unique as possible in both color scheme and content. Your domain name should be short and sweet, so that visitors can quickly find your page. People should be able to instantly recognize your page, and they should be able to remember it easily. Make sure you include keywords in the title, the description, and anywhere on the page where appropriate.

In order to build your business and gain as much exposure as possible, you need to join the right forums. It is quite common for business owners to spend too much time in their forums, simply participating and chatting. However, you'll probably do far more harm than good if you simply comment on other posts. You need to contribute valuable information and input to discussions. If you do this properly, you will be able to build your credibility as a real and not a fake member.

Another great way to get backlinks is to submit to DMOZ. This is a very high traffic site, which attracts a lot of backlinks from quality authority sites. If you have a quality content and post to DMOZ regularly, you will become well known in the industry. Make sure you submit your URL in the signature file of your emails, and give away your URL in your forum signature. This is an excellent way to get free targeted backlinks.

Social bookmarking sites are another way to get targeted backlinks. These sites allow you to bookmark any URL you want. However, each bookmark is like a little post on a social networking website. Therefore, in order to receive the most benefit, you need to only share your URL with the people you genuinely know. By following the steps above and submitting your URL to the various sites, you will be building a credible presence and reputation for your domain name.

Don't be afraid to spend some money getting links. There are some decent ways to get them, and in many cases, you will get better results this way. However, the best way to get backlink building done without spending a lot of money is through article marketing. Simply write articles on the topic of your niche and distribute the articles throughout the internet. This will not only get your name seen by potential customers, but it will also help build your credibility.