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When we talk about web traffic generation, few come close to getting the most important aspect of driving web traffic backlinks. Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO (search engine optimization). Having said that, there are still many people not fully understand how to optimize a domain name backlinks campaign. In this article, I will explain all you need to know about backlinks and what you can do with them.

So, how do you optimize your backlinks? Well, you need to optimize your backlinks in such a way that the search engines find them. This will get your website on the first page of Google and in turn lead to huge amounts of traffic. You need to optimize your backlinks by finding relevant websites within your niche and having a link from each one. The reason for this is that the more backlinks you have from relevant websites, the better your rank will be when Google ranks your site.

There are several ways to do this. One method is to exchange links with sites that are closely related to your niche. For instance, if you have a website about dogs, you may want to link up with sites about fishing, dog collars and so on. The key to doing this successfully is to exchange links without spamming the search engines. You need to do this slowly and carefully so that the search engines can index your page properly. If done wrongly, your site could be banned.

Another effective method is to add your domain name to a directory. Many people link up using their domains. If your domain name is cool enough then you could get it included into a free directory such as DMOZ. This will help build some backlinks to your site as well as increasing your rank at the same time. However, keep in mind that quality directories take more work than these free ones.

Social bookmarking is another popular way of building backlinks. This involves leaving comments on other people's blogs or websites. Each time you leave a comment the other person's site will pick it up and add it to their site. Therefore, your link is included with each comment and this helps increase your rank at the same time.

Social bookmarks are another good way of getting links to your site. It's important that you don't overdo this though as your bookmarking site will pick it up and put your link onto their site. Try to create bookmark names which are interesting or possess some special meaning to the person who owns the bookmark. If you do this enough it should result in your link being picked up by a site owner who will then include your bookmark on their site.

Social bookmarking is great but if you own a domain name which is already in use by another website it isn't as effective. So how can you get more domain name backlinks? The best way is still through social bookmarking but instead of submitting your bookmark to an existing site you should take the URL of the URL onto social bookmarking sites. Examples of popular social bookmarking sites are Digg and StumbleUpon. So when you bookmark your URL just remember to include the word "link" or "story".

So backlinks aren't the only factor which determine your SEO ranking. You should also consider how popular your site is. If your site is relatively new it may not have many visitors. This will affect your page rank as well as the amount of backlinks you will need to obtain a good page rank. So you should always work on improving your site's traffic and adding backlinks.