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If you are new to internet marketing and online business you may not be aware of the role of getting domain name backlinks. In simpler terms this is a backlink from another website to yours. These backlinks can improve your ranking in the search engines and as a result improve your website traffic and sales. Many people do not understand the impact that a well-optimised domain name can have on their business and how important it is to get them backlinks. So what exactly does a backlink really mean to an internet marketer?

Well for starters backlinks can improve your website's traffic by allowing you to compete with other more established websites. It is like offering a prize to the person who has most visitors to their website, because the more the merrier. Now imagine if you offered a substantial cash prize for whoever owns the most number of websites. That would be a whole different ball game and you would almost certainly be able to beat out the other person.

So the next question that comes to our mind is what kind of impact will getting backlinks have on my website? Will it just increase my traffic and allow me to compete against more established websites? Or will it open up a whole new avenue of income through paid advertising or another form of traffic generation? Both of these questions are important to understand before we discuss what we need to do to get domain name backlinks.

The first thing that needs to be understood about backlinks is that they are a natural phenomenon. They occur because people find your website either via search engines, directories or from other websites. In order to receive targeted backlinks to your site you should try to build links with other relevant sites as well. This will help to spread your backlink network wide, therefore increasing your chances of ranking highly in the search engines. Also you should take care that your backlinks do not consist of links which lead to malicious websites and interfere with the normal functioning of your website.

The second thing that needs to be understood is that when someone is looking for a particular product or service you probably will not come across your website. This is because no matter how many times you create a page for your website it is bound to fade into the background eventually. The main reason for this is because nobody is interested in the stuff that you are selling. If you were selling something then people would come to your website every day until you introduced something new which changed the market.

The only way to generate targeted backlinks for your website is to add content to your site and let others know about it. For example if I wanted to get some backlinks for my site I could write an article about the niches I was specialising in and submit it to article directories. If you submit useful content to popular websites then other webmasters who like your content will add it to their websites. This is free content and is considered to be one of the best forms of free marketing available online today.

The last method I will talk about is called forum marketing. Most successful marketers have used this technique at one time or another. It is where you set up an active forum within your niche and invite others to join. At the end of the forum you can create your own link which visitors to your forum can click on. This link will direct them back to your site. Forum backlinks can generate lots of traffic and can increase your rankings tremendously.

It is important that when you are creating backlinks to your site that you do not abuse the system. If you create a lot of backlinks in a short space of time then your site will be blacklisted on search engines. This means that you will not receive any more traffic from anyone trying to access your site. It is better to establish a few well placed links rather than a mass of them. The best method of getting targeted domain name backlinks is through forums, article submission sites and social networking sites.