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So, you've been pestering your way into the top ten for your domain name and there's no stopping you now. You've figured out that the domain name is important because it is what allows you to rank high for that key phrase. However, that doesn't mean that you should stop there. You want to make sure that you have plenty of backlinks so you can make the rankings go even higher.

This is why finding backlinks to your domain isn't as easy as you might think. Google frowns on people who just pester their way to the top without any effort. If you search for domains with words in the title, such as "top ten", you'll get a lot of websites. These are called search engine results pages or SERPs and they come from Google. You probably won't want to put a lot of effort into getting backlinks if you're aiming for a low ranking. This is where other options for improving your rankings come in.

If your goal is to get as many as possible backlinks to your domain name, you'll need to think outside the box. One of the best ways to attract quality links is to participate in forums and comment areas on related topics. You can comment on other members' posts and use this as an opportunity to display your knowledge of the topic. The key is to leave your URL and preferably a link directing readers back to your website.

Commenting is only part of the game though. In order for this strategy to really work, you'll have to be active within the forum itself. You need to engage others and make yourself seen as an expert. Ask questions and give useful information. Help the other members to solve their problems. All of this will bring you more traffic and higher page rankings with the search engine.

Getting involved at the social networking sites is another great way to boost your search engine rankings. Many of these sites allow you to register a username and password. By registering an account, you are able to interact with registered members and create networks. These networks allow you to form friendships and share information about topics of common interest.

Participating in forums also has the added benefit of providing domain name backlinks. When you create a signature file with your profile, include a brief description of the topic you are discussing. Be sure to include your URL as well. Just be careful not to spam the forums by posting your posts all the time, or you could end up having your posts deleted.

The social bookmarking sites offer similar opportunities. Many people use these sites when planning a special event or sharing information about a particular topic. By creating bookmarks for specific content on the site, people will be able to find your content easily. If they like what they see, they may click on the bookmark icon and be taken directly to your domain name backlinks.

Another good idea is writing guest posts for other webmasters on popular discussion sites such as AskDownUnder, Webmaster Forum, and WebProNews. This is another excellent method to increase your backlinks. You can do this by adding relevant content to the post. Then when you are invited to write an article, accept the invitation. Provide your link to the article in your resource box. Within a few days, you will have numerous backlinks from very satisfied readers.

Article submission sites also provide great opportunities to gain more domain name backlinks. There are generally three ways to submit an article to an article directory. It can be by using your own website as the article directory, by using a submission service such as Helium and by submitting it manually through a submission service such as ArticleBase. The first two methods work better than the third method. When you submit an article manually, the article directory will usually provide a little pop-up box with your link. However, the chances of your article being truly accepted are slim to none because the editors who decide which articles to publish are humans, not software.

In order to get backlinks from other sites, you must try to obtain them from sites that are related to your niche. This can be achieved by reading the news, watching news programs about your niche, reading blogs about your niche, attending conferences related to your niche, attending online discussions and more. All of these actions build up your credibility as well as reputation which will in turn lead to more visitors and ultimately more backlinks.

You can also try to make some free or cheap content for your site, post it on blogs or create free video series. The idea is to make something for people that they would like to see instead of stuff that they have to pay for. You can then ask your followers to share or spread the content on social media, article directories and other websites. The result is a ton of free or cheap name backlinks that can lead to a multitude of visitors.