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Search engines, as we all know, are the main tool for online marketing. It is with this in mind that they strive to give website owners positive results in their effort to market their websites and products via the net. One of the most efficient means by which they do this is through the process of "backlinking". It is a well-known SEO technique wherein backlinks are established from various websites with the purpose of boosting the ranking or Page Rank of the website being promoted. There are different ways by which backlinks can be achieved, and they include:

o Link farms: This is a way of creating large amounts of backlinks quickly, all done without the prior consent or approval of other websites. These backlinks are created via links from other sites which are directed at the target site. These links are monitored by various spam checker programs that prevent them from being used for the purpose of spamming. This method of gaining backlinks has been deemed illegal by search engines. It also tends to take up a lot of time.

o Directory submission: This is a very popular way of getting backlinks. This is where a website is submitted to a central directory. Submitted sites are then offered a chance to gain a link to their site by providing a link which directs to their home page. The sites that are chosen to be linked are often closely scrutinized by the directory administrator. This type of backlink building method is good for getting backlinks quickly, but it is likely that many of the links will eventually be deleted. It is also not trusted by most search engines due to the excessive number of submissions that go on to a single directory.

o Social bookmarking: This is a process through which you can create backlinks from different websites that agree to backlink each other. Basically, all you have to do is take a post about a particular topic on an appropriate forum or website. Once the post gets liked by one of the linked sites, it takes that website and put a backlink within the post. The chances of your post being liked are high as the forums and websites involved have high page ranking. Some of the more popular social bookmarking websites include Digg, Delicious and Reddit.

o Guest blogging: Guest blogging is an excellent way of gaining backlinks. You can write informative posts on blogs or websites owned by other companies. In return, the owner of those websites will feature your content on their site. This will in turn give you the opportunity to place a backlink on your own site. There is also nothing stopping you from having several articles written on the same topics as well.

o Article submission: This is a great way of building backlinks. Simply write articles on various subjects related to your domain name and then submit them to article directories. Many of these article submission websites allow you to add a resource box to your backlink. In this area, you can include a link to your site. Your backlinks are effective only if they connect to the content on your site.

o Backlinks found on newsgroups: Subscribing to newsgroups on your niche topic and adding a hyperlink to your site will create a number of backlinks to your website. This method takes some time to get established. To start with, you should sign up for the relevant newsgroups and build your profile before you begin submitting.

o Directory submission: Similar to guest blogging, directory submissions also take time to develop. But unlike guest blogging, directory submissions carry with them much greater benefits. For starters, most directories allow you to specify a time span for which you want your backlinks to be effective. This means that you can easily determine how many backlinks you can have over a given period of time.