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The domain name you choose will have a great impact on the ranking of your website in Google, MSN and other search engines. If your name is registered, you will get a nice listing from Google's Keyword Tool. To make it easier for Google and other search engines, you can use common sense when registering a domain. Choose your words carefully and do not end them with an exclamation. For example you could have phrase such as dating websites in your domain name and in the end you need to end it with Dating Websites.

If you have your own domain name, you can use a link back URL or take the anchor text from your site to create a backlink. It is a common practice for site owners to put the keyword phrases they are offering as anchor text in their web pages. They then create backlinks pointing to these pages. In order to increase your page ranking and for better traffic, this technique will be of great help to you.

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a site in a search engine. It is done by using keywords and keyword phrases on the content of a website. A lot of work goes into SEO in order to rank it well in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. It may take some time before you are able to realize visible results. But once you have mastered it, you will definitely be able to get the desired results.

There are two types of backlinks, natural and artificial. Natural backlinks come from other websites with the same or similar keywords. These are called reciprocal links. On the other hand artificial backlinks are a backlinks from another website without any connection. This is what people usually refers to as a backlink factory.

Backlinks can also be achieved by using the right keywords for the right pages of your website. For instance if your website sells products, you can include your target keyword in the title of the homepage. In this way your homepage will become one of the most visited places on the Internet. This will definitely get you lots of backlinks.

But if you want to get really effective backlinks, you should know how to use anchor text in your articles and content. Anchor text is the hyperlinked words that appear on the web page that contains the keyword or phrase you are trying to advertise. The more times you post articles with keyword anchor text, the more chances for other websites to pick it up and use it in their copywriting.

Another way to get backlinks is through social media sites. Blogs and forums are also very popular options for getting link backs to your site. Just make sure that you interact with the community by answering questions and creating profiles. This will show that you are an active member of the community and not just a guest blogger posting every now and then. And finally, bookmarking your favorite websites and including a backlink to them is another way of getting quality backlinks to your site.

There is no denying the importance of backlinks to your site. Even if you get many visitors to your site, without backlinks pointing to your site, it would be difficult for search engines to rank you. Therefore it is important that you get backlinks to your website as soon as you can. Take some time to start submitting to directory listings and social media sites and you will surely see improved rankings soon.