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You have probably heard of getting backlinks, or getting your website in other people's sites through a link back to yours. Getting your name in other people's pages is called Link Building. Backlinks are one of the fastest ways to get your site recognized by search engines. Search engine optimization experts agree that if you have the resources to do so then it's a good idea to build backlinks for your website. Let me explain how backlinks work, and what you should consider when building them for your site.

To start with, let me tell you what happens when someone visits your domain. When they click on the banner, the domain will send the visitor to another page on your website. This could be anywhere on the web, but most often it's on your home page. In most cases, the page they visit will lead them back to your landing page.

If the user didn't leave your site right away, you won't know which page they clicked to get there. But, you can follow the clues to figure out where they are. The next clue is where the anchor text used to get to your page is located. That's the piece of text that you put on your webpage that links to your site. If the anchor text is on your home page, then the link will be local, if it is on another page on your site then the link is internal.

When you set up backlinks, the internet service provider is responsible for keeping track of who has visited your site. This is done with a program called an IP trace. Every time someone clicks on an ad on your website, the computer sending the signal is recorded and sent information back to the servers that own the ISP. From there, it is a simple matter to check the IP address and see who is clicking the ads. From there, you can check your stats and determine who is clicking the backlinks. It is almost too simple to do and it gets the job done quickly.

So how can you get more backlinks? First off, when you start getting backlinks to your site, try to post comments on other sites. Look for comments where there was actual text that was written and you were the one who left the comment. Make sure that the words you used were relevant to the site that you are commenting on so that the other site will know what you are talking about.

Another way to get more backlinks is to write articles. Write an article about your products or about a topic that is related to your site. Then, put your website's URL in the article as the resource box. Backlink juice will be created from the article that contains your web address. You can also use a forum to create backlinks.

Forums are a great place to get a ton of backlinks, but only if you participate. Be an active member of the forum and reply to questions and leave useful posts. Also signature files of your posts should include your website's URL. There are several forum sites out there and you can usually find them by doing a quick search on Google.

These are just a couple of ways to get more backlinks. You can take this further by talking to other webmasters in the forum and ask them to help you get more backlinks. Remember that the more backlinks you have the more visitors you will get to your site. It really does not matter what kind of website you have, as long as you have some traffic, you will be able to make money with affiliate marketing.